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What am I Worried About?

January 23, 2012

This. It’s a great and inspiring story – brave 16 year old girl takes her school to court to have an inappropriate religious banner removed and wins. Fantastic. And now she’s inundated with threats of violence. There goes her normalcy, her childhood. Not for preaching atheism or pushing her beliefs on anyone, but simply for forcing the school to abide by law and keep religion off its walls. When will it be my child at risk of bodily harm for standing up for her rights? And will I have the courage to back her or will I remember my friend whose son was brain damaged for life after a playground bullying incident and tell her to shut up and hide? Dare I hope that in ten years there will be less hatred?

Maybe there is hope. Prejudice agaist homosexuality has receded so far. I know a teenage boy who got up in front of his school and announced that he was gay, to be received with applause. It’s hard to imagine an announcement of atheism being received the same way, but imagine the same announcement of homosexuality 30 years ago.

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